Use Sofia City Administration’s e-Services to Limit Social Contacts to Prevent COVID-19

1 April, 2020

Regarding the recommendations of the operational headquarters of Sofia Municipality for limiting social contacts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we inform citizens about the possibilities to communicate electronically with the administration.

1 At (Information System of the Contact Center of Sofia Municipality) can be submitted:  

✔️ non-urgent signals about problems in the city environment, no preliminary registration required; 

✔️ letters, complaints, suggestions, requests for access to public information. Preliminary registration is required and the user must provide their current email address in the registration form. 

  1. By sending a message to Sofia Municipality through the Secure Delivery Electronic System (e/Account/Login).

✔️ Every citizen can register in the Secure Delivery Electronic System (SDES), by identifying themselves by their personal identification code from the National Social Security Institute or Qualified Natural Person Signature.

✔️ Through the Secure Delivery Electronic System one can submit letters, complaints, signals, suggestions, requests for access to public information, as well as requests for electronic services, signed with a Qualified Natural Person Signature.

  1. At one can make inquiries about taxes and fees due to Sofia Municipality and these can be paid electronically by a debit or credit card.

The inquiry can be placed using:

✔️ Personal ID number/Unified Identification Code/Personal ID number for a foreigner and PIN, issued by the Municipality; 

✔️ Personal Identification Code, issued by the National Revenue Agency;

✔️ Qualified Natural Person Signature 

4, provides the opportunity to apply electronically for administrative services in the categories of Civil Registration, Local Taxes and Fees, Municipal Property, and Tourism.

The provision of electronic administrative services requires mandatory registration in the system of electronic services and the availability of a qualified electronic signature (QES)

The authorized Bulgarian QES providers are: 

  • Information Services 
  • InfoNotary
  • Borica Bank Services
  • System for Electronic Payments / SEP Bulgaria  
  • Eurotrust Technologies  

Information about the prerequisites and settings required to use the electronic services can be found in the “Questions/Answers” menu (, and in „Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) manual“ –