The ‘Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development’ department of Sofia Municipality (Innovative Sofia) was established in 2020 to support Sofia’s development as a smart, digital, innovative, and tech city. 
The goal of the new department and the new Deputy Mayor for Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development is to be a leader and engine of the digital transformation of Sofia – to initiate and coordinate digital transformation policies along the verticals of urban governance, to reduce the administrative burden, to develop and implement more and better e-services for the citizens and businesses in Sofia, to implement open data platforms and smart city projects.


  • Sofia as a European technology leader, open to citizens and the business
  • Future-proof city, ready to cope with the challenges of tomorrow
  • An innovative hub facilitating the R&D potential of the technology sector
  • Active market creator for the locally developed products and solutions
  • Part of an international network of cities – digital leaders
  • Recognizable location for testing and implementation of smart urban solutions


  • Turning the city administration to the business and the citizens
  • Improving the quality of life in the city by digitizing and improving the overall administrative service
  • Supporting the development of the business climate in Sofia, the ability and the capacity of the city to attract investment, human capital, and innovation
  • Turning the city into a market for the ICT sector and a platform for innovation
  • Facilitating the innovation potential and the technology companies in Sofia
  • Building a recognizable brand of Sofia and the business ecosystem of the city


  • Facilitating digital transformation across all urban governance verticals 
  • Sofia becoming an engine of digitization and smart city activities
  • Reducing the administrative burden and providing more and better e-services to citizens and businesses
  • Supporting Sofia’s development as an active market creator and a city that stimulates innovation