Since the beginning of 2020, Sofia Municipality has been participating in the 870675 PolicyCLOUD project – ‘Managing the Lifelong Policy of Data through Cloud Technologies (Policy management through technologies across the complete data lifecycle on cloud environments)’ on the topic: ‘Piloting the European Cloud Infrastructure for Public Administrations’ of Horizon 2020. The project implementation deadline is 36 months, during which Sofia will work in network with 15 other partners from 9 European countries.


The main objective of the PolicyCloud project is to create a cloud-based tool for effective policy modeling, testing and management through data analysis and visualization. A variety of pilot projects have been included in the program activities, including for Sofia.

The implementation of the project activities will provide free access to the existing cloud-based IT infrastructure at European level for data collection, comprehensive processing and analysis. The latest ICT tools for storage, processing and analysis of large data sets, analysis of social dynamics and behavioral data and decision making based on artificial intelligence will be used in case studies of urban management such as waste management and waste collection, cleanliness, road infrastructure, street lighting, road signs, parking, ecology, green systems, children’s playgrounds, disruption of public order and others.

By participating in the project, Sofia Municipality will be able to perform simulations, tests and analysis of potential policies, using different categories and types of data. This will help the municipal administration to improve governance, implementation and transparency in the implementation of local policies by using the latest technologies.


In addition to the City of Sofia, the project consortium includes 15 other partners, among which Atos (Spain) – coordinator, IBM Research (Israel), London Borough of Camden (United Kingdom), Sociedad Aragonesa de Gestion Agroambiental (Spain), Instituto Technologico de Aragon (Spain), EGI (Netherlands), Singular Logic (Cyprus), the Greek Research and Technology Network (Greece), Maggioli (Italy), LeanXcale (Spain), Ubitech (Cyprus) and others.

Public policy-based news, as well as up-to-date information on program implementation and partner activities will be published on the project’s website: policycloud.eu

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