Digital Board of Sofia

The Digital Board of Sofia is made up of leaders from tech companies and business associations alongside academics. The chairman of the board is the Deputy Mayor of Sofia for Digitalisation, innovation and economic development.

The purpose of the Board is to advise the Deputy Mayor on implementing new digital technologies aimed at the highest level of performance across Sofia’s public services, utilities and infrastructure. Board members share expertise and guidance on best practices and give advice on specific decisions to be made by Sofia Municipality. The Board gives advice to the Deputy Mayor on smart city programs, the selection, evaluation, prioritisation and funding of technology solutions and smart city projects to be implemented.


The Board includes C-level executives from local tech companies, leaders from local business associations and industry and academic experts. Membership in the board is carried out by invitation by the Deputy Mayor.

Chairman: Mr Gencho Kerezov, Deputy Mayor of Sofia for Digitalisation, innovation and economic development, Sofia Municipality

Membership: open. The Board has no designated members. The Deputy Mayor invites the participants to each meeting according to the topics for discussion.

The Digital Board of Sofia has one meeting per quarter (the Deputy Mayor can invite board members to additional meetings if necessary). Potential additional attendees at the meetings are representatives of different municipal and state departments depending on the topics to be discussed. Meeting minutes are published on this webpage together with any additional materials presented during the meetings.


Rules/Principles of the Digital Board:

  • Board members commit to share insights and expertise with the city as the city goes through its digital transformation
  • Board members give advice and make recommendations that benefit all citizens and the general development of Sofia as a digital smart city
  • Board members avoid making recommendations that directly benefit their companies, and exclude any sales content to avoid procurement conflicts
  • Board members are respectful during meetings and avoid personal comments
  • Board members cannot demand or receive any remuneration from Sofia Municipality for their services
  • The Digital Board is an advisory body to the Deputy Mayor for Digitalisation, Innovation and Economic Development and has no decision-making authority
Next meeting: Q1 2021



Documents from previous meetings (in Bulgarian):