Upcoming Workshop Part of the ICC Project: “Needs Assessment Workshop: E-Government and Citizen Participation in Sofia”

4 January, 2021


On 7 January, our team will host the “Needs Assessment Workshop: E-Government and Citizen Participation in Sofia,” as part of our activities on Sofia’s participation in the EU’s 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge (100 ICC) programme.

ICC is a 30-month programme that aims to support and encourage urban innovation development and includes over 100 European cities. The programme has 5 tracks, and Sofia’s focus is on the topic of e-government and citizen participation – the topic we will focus on in the upcoming meeting.

The organization of workshops with the participation of local stakeholders is part of the ICC project methodology developed by the European Commission. This meeting is the first event organized in Sofia within ICC, and its purpose is to bring together representatives from the local ecosystem to identify win-win models during the implementation of the program and to identify needs and opportunities in Sofia Municipality related to the integration of smart urban development solutions in the chosen area.

The aim of the seminar is through discussion with stakeholders and by building on already existing documents on the topic, to analyze the current situation, the strengths, opportunities and needs of the local ecosystem, discuss priorities, and set an initial vision for the city’s participation in the e-government and citizen participation track of the ICC programme.

You can find more information about the project here.

The discussion results will be presented during the next project meeting and will be included in an assessment of Sofia’s maturity in the field of “E-government and citizen participation” as part of Phase 2 of the ICC project – “Preparation & Assessment”, which will continue until the end of January 2021.

Stay tuned for our next articles, where we will provide an update on Sofia’s participation and upcoming activities in the ICC project in 2021.