“Sofia – city of knowledge” is a winner in the initiative “Towards a green transition”!

17 August, 2021

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) presents a new initiative on the topic of “Towards Green Transition Facility”. The platform offers support to companies and organizations to promote opportunities for green transition among its members through technical advisory support from highly qualified advisors.

The cluster “Sofia – City of Knowledge” is one of 25 winners in the initiative, and their mission is:

“To unite the efforts of the business from the knowledge-intensive sectors with the municipality, research institutes, development, educational and financial organizations, to transform the city of Sofia from a traditional administrative capital into a Smart City.”

A short questionnaire was provided for all companies and organizations that are interested in benefiting from technical assistance at the initiative of the European Cluster Cooperation Platform. Its aim is to study the readiness of companies to implement projects in the field of “green transformation”.

The application is open to everyone and a link to the questionnaire can be found here.

Benefits of the “Towards Green Transition” initiative are:

  • Improved resource efficiency of small and medium enterprises;
  • Support for green entrepreneurship through practical and technical advice;
  • Optimizing the opportunities for greener and more efficient value (supply) chains;
  • Facilitated market access for green SMEs within clusters;

Some of the areas in which beneficiaries will be consulted are:

  • Sustainable business models
  • Sustainable investments
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste Management
  • Circular economy
  • Innovation

The full list of winners in the European Platform for Cluster Cooperation can be found here.