Residents of Three Other Districts are Changing their Address Registration Online

15 December, 2021

Residents of three other Sofia districts can now change their address registration entirely online.

Sofia Municipality has developed a platform that allows citizens, using digital authentication, to apply for a change of address registration free of charge and at any time.

The first area where the new service was introduced a month ago was Student district, where students often have to change their addresses. So far, nearly 2,000 people have benefited from it. From today, the residents of Slatina, Sredets and Vitosha can take advantage of the new service and change their address registration entirely online and in a few minutes – without going around the institutions and queuing.

Gencho Kerezov, deputy mayor for digitalization in Sofia, said he was pleased with the high levels of consumer satisfaction among those using the system so far. In 2022, the system will be introduced throughout Sofia as another successful project of the “Sandbox for Innovation” program in the direction of “Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development” at the Sofia Municipality.

The deputy mayor shared that the process could be even easier by removing more requirements for it. He pointed out that he is working with the mayor of Sofia to take initiatives for legislative changes in order to serve the citizens as quickly and efficiently as possible.