Innovative Sofia will be on the judging committee at the international hackathon Global Goals Jam

29 September, 2021

The Global Goals Jam event will take place over the weekend of October 1-3, where all participants will have the opportunity to share their ideas for the development of Sofia. For a short period of time and with the help of experts from SofiaPlan and GATE Institute during the three-day hackathon will be validated business proposals in the direction of sustainable innovation for the future of the capital.

The team of Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development (Innovative Sofia) is an institutional partner of Global Goals Jam Sofia and is part of the jury committee that will award the best projects. Afterwards, the winners will have the opportunity to continue developing their ideas, supported by a mentorship programme from in.service design collective, Innovative Sofia or access to the innovative space for prototyping the Resonator Co-Innovation Hub.

Global Goals Jam is an international initiative that takes place in 85 cities around the world. The cause that unites them is the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals for a more stable and good future for the humanity.

The organizers preach we need to work together and learn from local ideas that are being developed around the world to address global social challenges. Their motto is:

“To look for sustainable business models for products and services that create more value for the city, its resources and, of course, all its inhabitants.”

The event program:

Day 1: the participants’ acquaintance with the expert mentors and the announcement of the challenges;

Day 2: researching the context, understanding the essence of the problem and generating ideas;

Day 3: prototyping and testing of solutions.

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