We Are Partnering with SlavConf. During the European Career and Creative Development Forum SlavConf. Pathways 2020


We are glad to be a partner of SlavConf. Pathways 2020  – the international conference for career and creative development in the creative industry. SlavConf. is traditionally held at the Aula Magna of Sofia University. This year, due to the COVID-19 crisis the event will be live-streamed from 30 October until 1 November. 

SlavConf. Pathways 2020 is free to attend and registrations are now open! 

  • SlavConf. is the first business conference in Europe for career and creative development in the fields of culture, humanities and arts.
  • The conference is award-winning, academically respected and self-supported.
  • Slav Conf.collaborates with respected institutions and organizations.

The agenda of the event includes representatives of successful companies and organizations, as well as experts from various fields. Projects and job opportunities will be presented, new professions and opportunities for business, innovation and technology in the humanities, culture, arts and education will be discussed and analyzed. 

The event will be held for the fourth consecutive year. SlavConf. is accredited by the Faculty of Slavic Studies and maintains partnerships with institutions and companies from all around the world.

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