Vitosha Venture’s First Investments and Start of the Vitosha ACCELERATE Programme. Applications are Open All Year-Round.


Vitosha Venture Partners announced the first four companies in its portfolio supported with a total of BGN 5.1 million. The funding includes BGN 4.4 million in public resources made available by the Fund of Funds and additional BGN 700 000 of private capital. The deals with the four companies have been finalised. Investments in another 15 start-ups are being negotiated and will soon be made public.

Vitosha Venture Partners have also announced the first companies selected to participate in the Vitosha ACCELERATE accelerator programme. The selected startups develop solutions in areas such as AI, fintech, gaming, digital media, healthcare, and others. Startups will receive expert support through regular workshops and individual meetings, and the enterprises at the acceleration stage selected for investing will be supported with financing for development and growth.

Vitosha ACCELERATE will run in 3-month stages throughout the Fund’s investment term, аnd startups can apply for participation all year-round on the Fund’s website.

The international team of Vitosha Venture Partners manages a BGN 38 million fund, of which BGN 35.6 million are public resources provided by the Fund of Funds, and the rest represent private co-financing. By the end of 2023, the fund manager will invest in 116 startup companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises at the acceleration stage can receive funding between BGN 30 000 and BGN 100 000. Those who have advanced in developing a product or a prototype will receive between BGN 30 000 and BGN 2 million. The application is open on the website of Vitosha Venture Partners.