Resonator Foundation and the Team Behind Air Collective Are Among the 6 Socially Significant Projects to be Funded by the TELUS International Bulgaria Community Board


Resonator Foundation and the team behind the volunteer initiative Air Collective are among the 6 socially significant projects to be funded by the TELUS International Bulgaria Community Board.

The Board meeting took place on December 14 online. The board members voted on socially significant projects to help communities affected by COVID-19 and selected 6 of them to be funded with the amount of BGN 74 337. Ninety-eight healthcare, educational and environmental projects have been submitted within the open call.

With the funding, the Air Collective team shall be ready to equip 160 more health workers exposed to the risk of COVID-19 with the Air Collective PPE masks.

The project volunteers are turning snorkeling masks into specially devised protective masks for medical workers and oxygen therapy masks for patients. Adapting the snorkeling masks for medical staff is done by adding two anti-bacterial and antiviral filters to a new kind of nozzle. The oxygen therapy masks also include a medical pressure control PEEP-type valve and additional tubing. The materials allow for multiple disinfection with the methods available in hospitals.

The initiative started with the very outbreak of COVID-19 in March this year and quickly united around 170 people from over 25 countries. The team in Bulgaria coordinates the exchange of experience and feedback from medical professionals, hardware and software engineers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and professionals in rapid prototyping.

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