PARA to Launch Virtual Incubator for School- and University Student Startups with Projects in Robotics and AI


PARA – The Professional Association of Robotics and Automation has announced that it is planning a virtual incubator aimed at hardware startups of school and university students to help young people develop their first robotics and AI solutions to enter the entrepreneurial scene. PARA co-founder Kristiyan Mihailov announced the news in an interview on TV Europe’s Business Daily programme. 

At least ten robotics and AI startups will start learning how to create their MVP this fall. A partner of the initiative is an American company in robotics, which will join the incubator with a series of lectures and consultancy. Other companies have also expressed interest in supporting the programme.

“We have genious Bulgarian children who just need to get an idea, to be shown a positive example, to fire their imagination and to believe that they have great ideas that they should and can test on the market.”, says Kristiyan Mihailov in the interview.

This year, another PARA initiative, which is mostly an individual cause of Kristian Mihailov, is to bring together 52 Bulgarian companies with 52 Bulgarian schools in one-hour meetings where young people can see first-hand real cases and local developments an approach that will help young talents to recognize a specific professional area which they want to focus on and develop in. In turn, companies will be able to establish contacts to attract interns and future young professionals.

Over 20 schools across the country and over 25 companies in areas such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence, drones, and more, have already expressed their interest to participate in the initiative. The application form remains open and available to fill out here.