Local Companies are Invited to Join the First Mapping of the AI Ecosystem in Bulgaria


Trending Topics SEE, Vangavis, and AI Cluster Bulgaria are working on a comprehensive report on the participants, the strengths, and the opportunities for the #AI ecosystem in Bulgaria.

The document will map the organizations that are using Artificial Intelligence in Bulgaria. It will aim to provide the most complete and thorough analysis of the local AI ecosystem, and to draw attention to the most prominent developments and companies. It will also explore such topics as: how AI enters people’s daily lives, what technical expertise should engineers in the industry have, the situation of the local labor market related to AI, where the potential and critical points in AI in Bulgaria are.

To make the survey as thorough as possible, Trending Topics and the partner organizations want to draw data directly from the environment. Companies in Bulgaria that use AI to solve problems across industries are invited to complete a survey designed specifically for the purposes of the analysis. Everyone who fills in the survey will have the opportunity to have their company’s logo included in the first AI mapping in Bulgaria.

For the purposes of the research, an AI company’s is defined as an organization, developing AI-based products or services, providing solutions using AI and having at least one engineer on the team having experience in areas such as machine learning, big data analysis, NLP Computer Vision, or other AI technology subsegments.

Organizations that are not directly using AI solutions but are only applying the term as a marketing tool will not be admitted. The same applies to companies that use or resell solutions of third parties.  

Newcomers in the segment and companies that have AI development planned in their pipeline at some point in the future will be included in a separate category of the report – “To Watch.”

If you are a part of a company that implements solutions based on Artificial Intelligence in your business and you want to see your brand positioned in the first Bulgaria AI sector analysis, fill in the survey and state your place on the local AI map.