GATE Signed a Cooperation Agreement with Sofia Municipality


The GATE Institute and Sofia Municipality signed a cooperation agreement to build new interaction models between higher education and municipal administration. The cooperation will be focused on data exchange and the construction of GATE’s so-called City Living Lab and support in the implementation of the Digital Transformation Strategy for Sofia. In the future, it will expand with new areas of common interest. 

The City Living Lab is a laboratory which will work with real-time data on the urban environment, traffic, air condition, and other areas in the city. A 3D City Digital Twin will facilitate the design, testing, and analysis of urban processes and events. Sofia Municipality will assist in the structuring, storage, processing, and visualization of data related to urban planning and architecture, the environment, the transport network of the city, and the construction of a unified data platform.

The implementation of the City Digital Twin is the first project of its kind in Bulgaria, and Innovative Sofia is one of its partners. You can find more about the project in our publication here and examples of simulations on GATE’s YouTube channel.

The GATE project – “Big data for a smart society” – started a year ago as a joint initiative of Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, which acts as a project coordinator, Chalmers University and Chalmers Industrial Technologies, Sweden. You can read more about the institute’s activities and accomplishments since the first year of its founding here