BG Industry Map – the New Interactive Digitial Mapping of the Industrial Sector in Bulgaria


The Bulgarian industry already has its own digital map – Bg Industry Map, which provides a comprehensive view of 14 specific sectors. The Bg Industry Map is a project of the Ministry of Economy, the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA), and the Bulgarian Employers’ Association Innovative Technologies (BRAIT).

Bg Industry Map contains a database of Bulgarian companies in the following industries: IT, Оutsourcing, Energy, Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics, Food industry, Cosmetics, Textile, Maritime industry, Furniture, Biotechnology, Renewable energy sources, Education and science. The map displays data for each company- its location, number of employees, revenue, and net result. The companies list can also be filtered by income from operating activities, the number of employees, and location. Data is available as downloads on a separate section of the website.

Bg Industry Map aims to provide an adequate mapping of the Bulgarian economy by regions, sectors, and companies, and is implemented under the National Strategy for Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises 2014-2020 and the Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization

Companies that are currently not included in the mapping of the respective industry, but want to be part of the list, can send a request directly to the BSMEPA team here.