Urban Development Forum 2021

29 November, 2021

Urban Development Forum 2021, organized by the City Media Group in strategic partnership with the European Investment Bank and will provide a platform for city leaders, leading investors, designers, experts and other participants in large-scale public and private projects that (will) shape the image of Bulgarian cities to discuss and summarize good models and practices in the development of urban areas, and the creation of a living and functional urban environment.

The event will be held live on November 29 at the Hyatt Regency Sofia, according to all current regulations of the Ministry of Health, you will be able to follow it online as well. The Digitalization, Innovations and Economic Development Division of Sofia Municipality (Innovative Sofia) is an institutional partner of the Urban Development Forum 2021.

The main highlights of this year’s edition of the Urban Development Forum are the topics Cities and the Green Transition, Creating a Living and Sustainable Urban Environment, Proactive Approach to Urban Planning and others. The full program of the event can be found here.

Cities are spatial centers of human activity and interaction. They are economic and social hubs, have their own specifics, identity and potential for development and serve as a catalyst for innovation. It is becoming increasingly clear that the various challenges facing cities and urban areas – economic, environmental, climatic, social and demographic – are intertwined and can only be successfully achieved through an integrated approach.

The public and private sectors together seek solutions to these long-term problems through sustainable and well-planned investments that provide favorable living, business, social and cultural activities and add value to the urban environment. The development of new urban areas and the regeneration of existing ones, the construction of large-scale building and infrastructure projects is not an end in itself – it is a natural response to the needs and requirements of living, working and passing through cities, and they are increasingly complex.

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