30 April, 2020

In support of the joint efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Sofia and Bulgaria, the Sofia-based IT company Sirma Group Holding developed and provided the innovative app Medrec:M for free to Sofia Municipality.

Medrec:M is a last-generation mobile app designed to collect data and monitor the user’s current health. The main features of the application include:

–   Monitoring of vital indicators

–   Early diagnosis based on specific symptoms

–   Opportunity to share health information with a physician through the MedRec-m.com platform confidentially

–   Receiving news, currently related to the COVID-19 and subsequently – health news and information specifically tailored to the user

In the app, citizens can record their symptoms and vital signs and get analysis of the information about their current health status to help medical professionals better diagnose them and find a more appropriate therapy.

Personal health data can be shared with a healthcare professional in two ways – by automatically generating a link with selected symptoms, or directly in the portal Medrec:M Monitor – where a registered healthcare professional can access the information. The app can also generate a temporary access link to be shared with a specialist without a portal profile and registration. As a next step, the GP or the medical specialist may recommend a further stage of treatment. In this way, the consultation takes place via remote monitoring through the platform without visiting a healthcare facility.

The information provided by the citizens is voluntary and is accessed by healthcare professionals with the explicit consent of the user. The aggregated anonymous data can also be used for analysis and to help monitor the evolution of the epidemiological situation. In return, the availability of reliable statistical information provides data for better decision making.

The product integrates artificial intelligence techniques. This technology will ensure that the users are well-informed and will assist physicians in providing better diagnoses and treatment. 

Merdrec:M is a part of a comprehensive platform for modern healthcare – the Sirma Medical Suit. The product is one of the strategic developments of the company and aims to offer a long-term solution for the access to data, for remote or in-patient medical consultation, as well as the tracking of socially significant chronic diseases. Medrec:M is built based on another top product of the company – Diabetes: M, which Sirma provides to all of its more than one million customers worldwide for free during the pandemic. The diabetes application is CE certified for medical software.

Download the app in Google Play here

Download the app in Apple App Store here.

Access the portal here.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency, many local and international technology companies have been contacting us with ideas and ready-to-implement solutions to help citizens and the city’s management in a crisis.

Sofia’s Mayor Yordanka Fandakova and the teams of Innovative Sofia and Invest Sofia are grateful to startups and IT companies in Sofia for their willingness to help with solutions for the city.