The Electronic System Canary is Approaching New Markets

14 January, 2022

In the team of “Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development” we are happy when we create conditions for the success of our partners. Stimulating the startup ecosystem under the Digital Transformation Strategy is deeply embedded in our processes and we rejoice when we are the first customer of an innovation that then becomes widely recognizable.

We share some of the subsequent successes of the air quality monitoring system “Canary”, which we installed as a pilot project in the 76th Kindergarten – “Sarnichka”. The system is part of the initiative of Sofia Municipality – “Sandbox for Innovation” and aims to measure and show the quality of the air.

→ The management of the kindergarten uses the data from the “Canary” to make informed and intelligent decisions about the state of air quality, where children spend more time. Instantaneous adjustments are made when there are high levels of carbon dioxide by injecting fresh oxygen. At the same time, energy costs are controlled. The children are very happy with the bird and learn with it.

→ The system was submitted for a test to the Municipality of Tryavna, and at the moment there are many positive reactions. Negotiations have started with the municipality for the implementation of the system in the public service building fund controlled by them.

→ After we created publicity about the service, the largest mobile operator in the country showed interest in the Canary system to become part of their ICT / IoT portfolio. After negotiations, a contract was signed for the supply of the system and the first 250 units are already being produced.

→ A discussion has been opened through the telecom about entering other municipalities in the country, and more contracts are to be signed in the near future.

→ After several inquiries, a test and implementation of the system in public and private hospitals is forthcoming, especially in the face of the COVID19 pandemic situation.

The device has indicators of relative humidity, carbon dioxide and the presence of fine dust particles. The electronic Canary, developed by Zek Engineering, also helps build children’s habits and attitudes towards the environment.

The goals of the Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development direction are always to create conditions with high added value for the development of the environment at local and international level.