Sofia Starts Its Participation in the “Cloud e-Services for the Administration” Project: a Unified Portal To Be Available for Gradual Accession of Other Administrations in the Country

30 March, 2021

The Sofia Municipal Council supported the participation of Sofia Municipality in the ‘Cloud E-Services for the Administration’ project under the ‘Good Governance 2014-2020’ Operational Programme (OPGG). The project’s will facilitate the implementation of a platform for unified and integrated services for all citizens. At the next stage, other administrations in the country – central, regional and municipal, – will also be able to use the platform.

With the implementation of the project ‘Cloud E-services for the Administration’, Sofia Municipality and its partners will become leaders in defining the national e-government policy, and the citizens of Sofia will be among the first to use the redesigned e-services.

The project’s funding amounts to BGN 3.5 million, fully provided by the European Union under OPGG 2014-2020, of which BGN 2.3 million are intended for digitalization of municipal activities. Partners of the project are the State e-Government Agency (SEGA) as a direct beneficiary, as well as the administrations of Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, and Chelopech.

The ‘Cloud E-services for the Administration’ project will ensure the implementation of a platform with tools to improve the administrative workflow and shared ICT services. After its launch, other administrations in the country will also be able to join it, thus optimizing their costs for IT products, services, and licenses, and to use the already developed and tested processes in order to provide their e-services with minimal effort and integration costs. The ultimate goal is to provide citizens with access to more electronic services delivered faster through unification and integration of municipalities and the central administration.  

The expected duration for implementation of the project proposal is 27 months.

Its specific objectives include:

► work processes optimization and increased administration efficiency;

► reduction of the costs related to development, maintenance, and update of one’s own solutions for automated work processes;

► ensuring interoperability in the interaction between: the units in one administration, different administrations, and the administration and the citizens/businesses.

► providing mobility and security through the possibility of remote access to the platform, which will operate on a state hybrid private cloud.


During the implementation of the project, an analysis of the work processes in SEGA and Burgas District Administration will be performed. This analysis will define a Catalog of ‘E-administration’ services with the individual work processes to be automated through the platform.

Sofia Municipality will analyze the work processes in the municipalities related to the provision of at least 50 electronic administrative services, and will work in cooperation with the cities of Veliko Tarnovo and Chelopech. Reengineering and automation of these processes will be performed, as well as integration with horizontal and centralized e-government systems. The catalog of ‘E-administration’ services will be supplemented and accessible through the automation platform and personalized packages will be configured for the three municipal administrations. All municipalities in the country, and other central and regional administrations, will be able to use the platform with optimized costs and established good practices.