Sofia Municipality’s Viber Channel To Include More Topics about Sofia’s City Life

8 June, 2020


Due to the active interest of citizens, the Viber Channel of Sofia Municipality will remain active after the end of the announced emergency epidemic state. It will focus on new current topics from Sofia’s city life, which the participants in an exclusive survey identified as most attractive. 

The channel was launched in March as Sofia Municipality’s community about COVID-19 and, for a short time, connected thousands of subscribers from Sofia and other cities, including cities outside Bulgaria. Today, over 32,000 citizens are part of the community.

We will continue to bring you the latest news about Sofia’s city’s life, with a particular focus on the topics that received the most votes in the poll:

  • News about the city environment – repairs and preventive activities, architecture, ecology, changes in public transport, parking areas, and more – 38%
  • Tourism, cultural landmarks in Sofia and around the city – 16%
  • Initiatives and events for children – 15%
  • Information about events (incl. cultural events, sports initiatives, trainings, seminars, etc.) – 10%
  • Information on electronic services for the citizens and the business – 6%


Other topics that citizens identified as interesting are related to technological solutions, city innovations, pilot city projects, new measures, and opportunities to support the business and entrepreneurship, educational and scientific initiatives and olympiads, data on the business and economic development in the city. News about COVID-19 will be published only in case of extreme importance.

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