Sofia Municipality’s Contact Centre Now Has a Mobile Application

13 April, 2020

Starting today, the citizens of Sofia will be able to use the free mobile app of – the contact centre for citizens’ alerts and one of the largest platforms of the Metropolitan Municipality.

The “Call Sofia – Sofia City Contact Centre” app is available to users of Android and iOS devices via Google Play and App Store.

The app is available with a Google Account, a Facebook account or one-time registration. Citizens can send non-urgent signals to the city administration by choosing the urban environment topic of the signal from the menu. Given the situation in the country, there is an active and special COVID-19 section for reporting violations of the anti-epidemic measures introduced for the territory of Sofia Municipality.

So far, Call Sofia is the only platform in Bulgaria created by a municipal administration, which offers its users the opportunity to submit non-urgent reports, letters, complaints, applications for access to public information, proposals for the development of the municipality, as well as receive information on the activities of the Sofia Municipal Administration.

The contact centre of the Sofia Municipality is open 24/7, and in addition to electronic filing, users can also report on irregularities by calling telephone 0700 17 310.

After submitting a signal through the platform, each citizen receives an official registration number, which enables tracking of the processing of the signal, as well as the corresponding answers for the work of the municipality on the signal.

The platform is integrated with the administrative information system of the municipality. The signals get directed to the structures responsible for the respective problem, including municipal enterprises and municipal commercial companies providing public services to Sofia citizens through line managers. They, in turn, exercise control over their solution.

For Android, download the app here.

For iOS – here.