Sofia City Council Unanimously Approved the Strategy for Digital Transformation of Sofia

11 June, 2020

We are proud to announce that today Sofia City Council unanimously approved the Strategy for Digital Transformation of Sofia

The document focuses on four focus areas: e-government, utilities, transport, and ICT startup ecosystem. The Strategy was developed under the Digital Cities Challenge project of the European Commission with  EU experts, our team, the team of Invest Sofia and over 100 local stakeholders, including Sofia-based companies with a total turnover of over BGN 3.23 billion and over 17,000 employees.

The Strategy for Digital Transformation of Sofia is important for our city because its implementation aims to:

– Develop and offer solutions supporting the digital transformation of the city

– Identify or create markets for digital services at local, national or global levels, and facilitate the access to these markets

– Support the system of innovation enabling the development and absorption of new digital services and smart solutions


The full document is available here.

A list of everything you might want to know about the Strategy is available here.


Once again, we thank the experts who participated in the creation of the Strategy. At the publication of the Strategy in June 2019, the experts, organizations and companies involved were just over 100. To date, our network of local stakeholders for the implementation of the Strategy includes nearly 200 people and/or entities.