PARA Just Published Its Annual Report on Robotics and Automation in Bulgaria 2020

15 February, 2021


For the third consecutive year, the Professional Association of Robotics and Automation – PARA has published its annual report “Bulgarian Success Stories in Robotics and Automation in 2020″ dedicated to the achievements in the sector.

The document contains an overview of the successful projects of Bulgarian companies in industrial robotics and robots in the field of services, as well as the activities of the Association and the whole ecosystem, aimed at educational robotics, dual education, and encouraging the spirit for innovation and entrepreneurship in children from early school age. We are pleased to be among PARA’s partners in the activities through which the Association is developing the sector and the environment in Sofia and Bulgaria. We would like to thank the Association for including a special section dedicated to the activities of Innovative Sofia in its annual report.

Despite the turbulent 2020, the field of robotics and automation has remained dynamic. It is automated solutions that help many industrial companies maintain or adapt their production profile. At the same time, many new remote services, as well as remote monitoring and control services, zero-touch, and plug and produce solutions are being implemented. The use of crowdsourcing platforms for industrial design, 3D printing systems has increased, as well as the use of mobile robots with remote control through the cloud.

Bulgaria’s industry remains in synergy with this development, and in 2020 our country has implemented:

∙ Robotic production line for packaging chocolate products

∙ The first fully automated polyurethane foam cutting line in the Balkans

∙ Control room for automated control and quick analysis of the current production in the “Ada Tepe” mine

∙ RPA technology in two Bulgarian banks

∙ “MOS Robotics” has developed a solution for automation in a Thai furniture factory

∙ INDUSTRIA has participated in a project to create a digital twin in the food industry

∙ A Bulgarian ERP platform has assisted medical doctors in monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic

You can find more about Bulgaria’s success stories in the field of robotics and automation in the full edition of the report. Download “Bulgarian Success Stories in Robotics and Automation in 2020″ for free from the PARA website here.