Online conference “Social Innovation: The Role of the Civil Society Organization”

11 November, 2021

The online conference Call For Good Practices: Social Innovation is organized within the Social Innovators project. It is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and the Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. The conference is supported by the US Embassy in Slovenia and will be held on November 30, 2021.

The main topics will be the recent health crisis, market and state constraints in order to address important social challenges, using conventional wisdom and traditional approaches, global challenges that are primarily threats. In addition, the need for traditional business to reconnect with society and adopt more socially accepted behaviors will be discussed, and the transition from an industrial to a knowledge- and service-based society requires a change in the way we operate.

Complex issues that organizations and sectors cannot tackle on their own are accumulating, thus increasing the need to develop new roles in and between social sectors. According to the OECD The Innovation Imperative, new sources of growth are urgently needed to help the world move towards a stronger, more inclusive and sustainable growth path. Social innovation has become attractive to politicians and is a key element of the European vision for decades to come.

The event invites all those who represent or act in the interests of citizens to share their good practices, innovations and actions that address societal challenges and feasible solutions and implement a wide variety of social innovations.

Present your good practice through the online application form by November 11, 2021 here. It will be reviewed and evaluated by the heads of the conference laboratories and the Social Innovators project coordinator. Two best practices in each thematic area will be selected and invited to participate in the laboratories (10-minute presentation on each best practice).