New Section on Our Website: Weekly Statistics on Sofia’s Economy

10 June, 2020

As of today, Innovative Sofia’s website has a new section with weekly statistics on some of the key indicators illustrating the effect of COVID-19 on Sofia’s economy.

Up-to-date statistics are crucial for informed decision-making about Sofia’s social and economic development, especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The new section will provide a brief overview of some of Sofia’s key economic indicators, starting with data about two of the sectors that were most severely affected by the coronavirus – tourism and labour market.

The information will be is available in both English and Bulgarian. It will be updated every week and will include latest 2020 data on the number and week-on-week change of nights spent by Bulgarian and foreign visitors; the number and week-on-week change of Bulgarian and foreign overnight visitors; the newly registered unemployed and employed in Bulgaria, Sofia City and Sofia Province, etc. 

The chosen economic indicators were selected with the help of the Institute for Market Economy during the meetings of the Temporary Economic Council under the Mayor of Sofia Municipality. The data are provided by the Ministry of Tourism, Sofia Tourism Administration, the National Employment Agency and the National Statistical Institute (NSI).

We will continue to expand the section and include data on other key indicators and sectors.

Our team thanks the Ministry of Tourism, Sofia Tourism Administration and the Institute for Market Economy for their assistance in collecting the data.