Innovative Sofia will present the PolicyCloud project at the international conference “Major Cities of Europe”

11 October, 2021

At the invitation of PolicyCloud, the team of Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development (Innovative Sofia) will present the project and the pilot case of Sofia within the international conference “Major Cities of Europe”.

The conference will be held online from October 13th to 15th, and the theme of this year’s edition is “Success in the post COVID transformation”. The discussion of green, technological, and sustainable transformations will be brought to the fore, as well as the discussion of practical opportunities that will prepare us for the changing world.

The International Conference “Major Cities of Europe” has been part of the European calendar for more than thirty years and attracts anyone interested in using technology to build smarter and more liveable cities. Lecturers from all over Europe, with whom we will be able to exchange ideas, strategies, and experiences, will take part in the event.

The city authorities will present their achievements in real life, the research organizations will present their most up-to-date findings, the specialized companies will tell us how they support the local authorities in achieving their goals.

The team of Innovative Sofia will have the opportunity to present:

The PolicyCloud project – a consortium of 14 partners united by a common goal – to use the potential of digitalization, big data and cloud technologies to improve the modelling, creation and implementation of public and business policy;

The pilot case “Urban policy making through analysis of data collected from many people” – the policy design will be adapted based on the analysis of big data obtained from many sectors. The analysis of the territorial distribution of these signals by categories will allow the municipal and district administrations to identify problems, problems, and tendencies in the behaviour in the urban environment.

The presentation of PolicyCloud will take place on October 13th between 13:25. and 13:40 and will be part of the morning session “Digest of Local Government Transformation”. The presentation of the pilot case will be presented during the workshop “How to make data-driven policies a reality in your city”, dedicated to PolicyCloud. The workshop will take place on October 13th from 15:15. to 16:45 More information about what to expect from the participation of Innovative Sofia in the international conference can be found here.

Thanks to the friendly and open atmosphere, the conference offers an excellent opportunity to engage in informal discussions and learn from each other. The online platform that runs our conference will easily allow for effective engagement.

The registration portal is open, and you can register for free here.