Innovative Sofia will Present Sofia’s Urban Environment Pilot Use Case at the International Summit for “Policy Making” on December 9

8 December, 2021

Policy Cloud, Decido, AI4PublicPolicy, DUET and Intelcomp are joining forces to host this year’s Evidence-Based Policy Making in Europe. The conference will take place on December 9 and 10, and will be held entirely online.

The event aims to explore new decision-making ecosystems built by cities and administrations, including accepted uses of innovative data and tools that are being adopted for modern policy-making. The inclusion of cloud space, big data and artificial intelligence is leading to a major transformation in government services, but the policy-making process itself is often overshadowed. Therefore, the conference will focus on familiarizing the audience with the main challenges, trends and opportunities to improve public sector decision-making that will provide healthier and happier places to live and work.

At the invitation of Policy Cloud, the team of Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development (Innovative Sofia) of Sofia Municipality will have the opportunity to present Sofia’s Urban Environment Pilot Use Case. The presentation will be part of the panel discussion “Mobility”, which will take place on December 9 from 13:15 to 15:00. You can find the whole program of the event here.

What more can you expect from the event:

Cases of real-life use of speakers and how they transform the traditionally slow process of deliberative health, climate change and mobility policies into one that is more flexible and responsive. You will learn directly from the participating cities how to develop better evidence-based policies while being adaptable.

Modern tools for jointly managed data ecosystems for decision-making that allow them to visualize, analyze and even predict impacts in multiple areas, time and space.

Strategies for managing legal, ethical and other challenges, as well as constraints in the digital world. From best practices to principles and legislation, the event speakers will explain how to orient around the complex environment in a pragmatic way.

Participation is open to all, the registration link can be found here.