Innovative Sofia will participate in a webinar for “smart” cities

22 September, 2021

The webinar “Mapping technologies and design thinking for smart cities” will be held on September 24 at 13:30 (CEST), organized by the Club of Knowledge, Innovation and Strategic Management (KISMC) and with the support of the Cluster “Sofia city ​​of knowledge ”.

The purpose of the event is to take a stand on the topic of technologies that change cities and to tell about the different approaches of experts and entrepreneurs.

The team of Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development (Innovative Sofia) will be part of the event, presenting its projects in the field of “smart” cities and the challenges it goes through in the development and implementation of these technologies in urban processes. All presented projects are part of the program of Sofia Municipality “Sandbox for Innovation”.

The webinar is completely free and you can register for it here.

Some of the topics that will be focused on during the event are:
– The impact of technology on “smart” cities;
– Innovations in business models for solutions for “smart” cities;
– Project ideas for “smart” cities;
– Developers of smart cities and UX designers.

The event brings value to a diverse audience such as SMEs, smart city experts, consultants, project managers, training centers, municipalities, scientists, professional associations and more.