Innovative Sofia to Present Sofia’s Urban Environment Pilot Use Case During the Data Driven Policymaking Week

19 April, 2021


On 27 April 2021, between 14:00 and 15:00 CEST / 15:00 – 16:00 Bulgarian time, PolicyCloud is hosting a webinar on urban policymaking through analysis of crowdsourced data – a crucial factor for the improvement of the overall urban environment in the cities around the world. 

At the invitation of the organizers, the team of Innovative Sofia will join the Urban Environment Pilot Webinar and present Sofia’s pilot as Coordinator of the participation of the city in the PolicyCLOUD project on behalf of Sofia Municipality. 

The online meeting is part of the Data Driven Policymaking Week initiated by the PolicyCloud team and aims to unite policymakers, public administrators, decision makers, and social science researchers around the four pilot use cases at the heart of the PolicyCloud project. 

We’ll be glad to meet you there! You can register and watch the presentation of Sofia’s use case HERE.


About the presentation of Sofia’s pilot during the Data Driven Policymaking Week

The main objective of the PolicyCloud project is to create a cloud-based tool for effective policy modeling, testing and management through data analysis and visualization. A variety of pilot projects have been included in the program activities, including for Sofia.

Sofia Municipality constantly works to improve the urban environment. Through its involvement in PolicyCloud, it is addressing urban policy as a critical success factor. Policy design is based on the analysis of big data sourced from sectors such as road infrastructure, transport and parking, air quality, waste disposal, and others.

PolicyCloud’s big data streaming technology and real-time big data platform will support Sofia Municipality in improving its operational efficiency, transparency, and decision making.  

The webinar will include the following topics:

  • Pilots use case 
  • Technology solutions
  • EU policy context 
  • Round Table Discussion 

Ana Georgieva from Innovative Sofia will present Sofia’s use case, including the policymaking challenge, available data and the co-creation process.

Petya Bozhkova, Operative Director at OKYS, will present the PolicyCloud technical solution. 

The intro part will be delivered by Marieke Willems – Project Manager Trust-IT Services and member of the PolicyCloud project. Liliana Carrillo, member of PolicyCloud’s Impact Creation Board, Co-founder & CEO, European Digital Development Alliance (EDDA) & CIO, Insurechain SL (CTB) will speak about policymaking & Innovation in the EC’s context. The webinar will conclude with a round-table discussion.


About The Data Driven Policymaking Week

Between 26-29 April 2021, four webinars will be hosted by the PolicyCloud consortium, technology partners and experts from the PolicyCloud Impact Creation Board. Each webinar will focus on a particular pilot use case.

The purpose of the webinars during the Data Driven Policymaking Week is to introduce the pilot use cases spread across Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom and to present the technology solutions being developed to address each pilot use case’s policymaking challenges. 

The pilot use cases serve as demonstrators for data-driven policy management and showcase best-practice methodologies for engaging communities.

Policymakers, public administrators, decision makers and social science researchers are welcome to join all four webinars. For more information and registration, please visit the website of the PolicyCloud Project HERE.