Innovative Sofia is Joining the Robotics Strategy Forum 2020 – Keeping Track of CEE’s Robotics Ecosystem During the Pandemic

9 October, 2020

As in most sectors, the COVID-19 pandemic was the biggest event shaping the robotics industry in 2020. While the pandemic may have looked unfavourable for the robotics field at a glance, some growth opportunities have arisen as essential services such as food delivery, healthcare, and others utilised robots for their operations.

The Bulgarian robotics sector has also quickly adapted to the new environment. For less than a month, Bulgarian robotics companies and start-ups have started developing new product offerings, and at the same time robots are on the forefront in the fight against the virus helping perform surgeries, disinfecting facilities, conducting air purification and transporting medical instruments and additional equipment. 

Some of the additional developments in the Bulgarian robotics sector include:

  • The start of the first Bulgarian serial production of cobots
  • The Bulgarian IoT company Alterco Robotics developed two new smart products – Shelly PURE and Shelly AIR that help fight viruses
  • Sofia Tech Park’s AI and CAD systems Lab along with the companies InnoLED and Elux are working together on a robot for disinfection of spaces using UVC light
  • One of the leading Bulgarian automation companies Spesima introduced a new full-body human disinfection system under the brand Disinfecta
  • Doctors in the St. Marina hospital in Pleven took the unprecedented decision to operate on a woman suspected of having COVID-19 remotely through a medical robot
  • The Telecommunication Endoscopy Center at the Medical University in Pleven allow for simulation trainings during robot-assisted surgery to be recorded and used for online learning

At the same time, on a regional level, Microsoft bought a Greek robotics process automation firm for more than 100 million and Romanian-founded robotics process automation company is preparing for an IPO, which could value it at USD 15 billion. 

Robotics Strategy Forum 2020

In order to track this progress, highlight the good practices, consolidate the expertise necessary to further enhance CEE’s capabilities in the field of robotics and to showcase some of the most interesting robots and autonomous systems, the Professional Association of Robotics and Automation (PARA) is organising the second edition of Robotics Strategy Forum.

And we are proud to be a partner of the event for a second time!

The forum is a follow-up of last year’s Robotics Strategy Forum 2019, which became the most attended event specialized in robotics as well as the first event which gathered all of the stakeholders in the field of robotics – manufacturers, integrators, industry professionals, teachers, academics, policymakers, and companies using robots in their operations as well as students in robotics.

To further expand its reach, Robotics Strategy Forum 2020 will:

  • Cover multiple aspects of robotics and automation
  • Feature prominent industry experts, including ones with experience in Romania, Serbia and Greece
  • Exhibit the newest robots on the Bulgarian market
  • Be the first Bulgaria-based event specialized in robotics and held entirely in English
  • Be conducted both online and offline

Robotics Strategy Forum 2020 will feature high-level expert commentary focused on:

  • Robotics Strategy Forum 2020 – overview
  • The development of the robotics sector in the CEE
  • Smart factories and their impact on manufacturing
  • The pandemic’s impact on automation
  • Digitalisation during lockdown and how to keep operations running
  • The upcoming 5G and Wi-Fi 6 disruption
  • Showcasing industrial robots and innovations capable of assisting companies in the next industrial revolution

The event will be held on  October 22, 2020 in Sofia Tech Park – Incubator building, where the expo zone will be available, and all panels will be accessible online. A free registration is required to attend the event with tickets available at:

The main sponsors of the event are FESTO, FANUC Bulgaria, and Schneider Electric Bulgaria. RSF2020 is officially supported also from AmCham Bulgaria as an institutional partner. BIA – the Bulgarian Industrial Association, The Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development department of Sofia Municipality – Innovative Sofia, the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA) and export Hub Bulgaria also endorse the event. Sofia Tech Park takes a key role as an event host.

RSF2020 has additional partnerships with specialized publishing houses for industry, energy, ecology and building installation news – TLL Media, El Media and Additional outlets such as TrendingTopics, together with CIO,, DevStyler, and Business Daily with Dimitar Vuchev put their trust in the event.

In the very beginning of Robotics Strategy Forum 2020, Yonko Chuklev and Kristiyan Mihylov from PARA will announce the results from the annual survey оn the level of automation in the Bulgarian industry and how COVID-19 impacted automation. If you would like to participate in the survey, feel free to do it on this link until the 11th of October. More about the event can be found here –