How to Use the e-Services of Sofia Municipality (Video)

20 September, 2020


The Sofia Municipality has started the gradual accession of the regional administrations to the Unified Model for application, payment, and provision of electronic administrative services of the State e-Government Agency (SEGA).

To help citizens and businesses in Sofia, we are sharing SEGA’s video instruction on how to apply and pay for e-services via the e-Portal for electronic administrative services (in Bulgarian)

By the end of 2020, most of the services provided by the Sofia Municipality and all regional administrations will also be available via the Unified Model. A list of all currently available administrative e-services is available here.

Communication via the System is secure and safe, has legal validity and provides automatic acknowledgment of receipt. The communication has probative value and guarantees the authenticity of the exchanged documents. Another major advantage the Unified Model is that it has an option to also make payments for city services.


What citizens and businesses need to know to be able to use administrative e-services?

To access the e-services portal, individuals and legal entities must register here.

The access to the Unified Model for e-Services takes place:

  • for citizens – through a Qualified Electronic Signature (including the mobile cloud solutions Evrotrust and B-thrust, which offer identification via a mobile device with links to both companies), or by a Personal Identification Code of the National Social Security Institute for citizens
  • for legal entities – by submitting an application signed with an electronic signature through a personal profile. The company profile can then be accessed by one or more persons with granted access.