High School in Sofia is the 1st in Bulgaria to Use Chatbot with AI in the School Process

15 March, 2021


The National High School for Ancient Languages and Cultures “Saint Constantine-Cyril the Philosopher” in Sofia is the first one in Bulgaria to include a chatbot with artificial intelligence in the school process. The chatbot named Chatmat will support the math classes of the students in 5th grade.

Chatmat is an online platform and an innovative educational tool to help students learn more easily and in an enjoyable way. The children will be able to ask the chatbot specific questions from the Mathematics curriculum and instantly receive an answer.

Chatmat has been trained and provides both textual information and accompanying images to definitions and concepts. It can train itself and also report the questions it has received. This will allow additional information to be added to Chatmat’s data depending on the children’s interests and what they want to know more about.

The platform contains the curriculum for students in 5th grade in algebra and geometry. This includes natural numbers and divisibility, ordinary and decimal fractions, basic geometric shapes and figures.

Chatmat is still in its development stage and is expected to have educational videos added to it for every type of task in the curriculum. Various tests to help children check their comprehension of the new lessons will also be added.  

The use of a chatbot with artificial intelligence in the school is an initiative of Georgi Georgiev – a teacher of mathematics at the National High School for Ancient Languages and Cultures. By including Chatmat in the learning process, he wants to help fifth-graders easily acquire new knowledge outside the classroom. The idea came after students kept asking him where they could read what a fraction or gradation means in their textbooks.

Chatmat is a product of the Sofia-based company Abilitics, developer of the Skilly chatbot. The company is the largest chatbot platform in Bulgaria. Its development is based on artificial intelligence and allows adapting the chatbot to adequate communication according to the needs of a specific team, audience, or topic.

In April 2020, at the very outset of an epidemiological situation, Abilitics supported the Sofia Municipality free of charge with the integration of the COVID-19 chatbot and assisted our team in its integration on the municipality’s website and the website of Innovative Sofia. We would like once again to thank Abilitics for helping us “teach” it information related specifically to the urban environment and the situation in Sofia. The COVID-19 chatbot is still active on the website www.sofia.bg.

The Skilly chatbot has many other applications – for health, training, marketing, and more. For several months now, it has been helping teachers in the distance learning process through the website of the Ministry of Education and Science.