First Sofia Fintech Mapping

8 October, 2020


The first ever Sofia Fintech Mapping is now available for download. The official release of the Sofia Fintech Mapping 2020 has been officially
announced today during a webinar we organized in collaboration with the Bulgarian Fintech Association.


Sofia: the SEE Fintech Hub

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is the most preferred location with 83 out of the 102 Fintech companies in the country being headquartered there. According to the 2020 Global Fintech Index (GFI), three countries in the region are among the 60 best Fintech ecosystems in the world: Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Romania. At a city level, Sofia is the leading Fintech location in SEE, according to GFI, followed by Ljubljana, Bucharest, and Cluj-Napoca, all of them in the Top 50 in Europe.

With innovation and digitalization at its core, Fintech companies significantly contribute to boosting any country’s potential for innovation and new technologies. For developing countries such as Bulgaria, the Fintech industry is one of a few opportunities for catching up and developing a highly efficient economy. In this sense, although Bulgaria’s Fintech industry is a comparatively small contributor to the GDP, it is very important for the overall efficiency and modernization of the economy. Ultimately, creating and developing more Fintech models in Bulgaria puts the country on the map of Future Finance.


The Sofia Fintech Mapping aims to showcase the rapidly developing fintech ecosystem in the city, to bring attention to the various stakeholders involved in it, and to share the success story of the Sofia fintech sector on a local and international level.

We kindly invite all Sofia-based fintech companies to use this document when they speak about their success stories to further show that they are part of a robust and developed ecosystem.

The information gathering for the mapping is done by the Bulgarian Fintech Association in collaboration with Innovative Sofia. Download and enjoy the mapping!