COVID-19 Safety Checklist for Safe Work and Life During the Continued Presence of the Coronavirus

21 May, 2020

PARA – the Professional Association of Robotics and Automation published the COVID-19 Safety Checklist with rules and recommendations of technological, administrative, social, and medical nature to ensure the functioning of the socio-economic processes in the country even during the continued presence of the coronavirus. The document aims to establish new rules to restore the social and economic rhythm and, in case of a further increase in morbidity, to enable the normal life and work conditions with a higher level of safety and protection.

The COVID-19 Safety Checklist was developed at the initiative of PARA, with the participation of experts in medicine, robotics and automation, the software industry, NGOs, and the public sector. Among them are Open Pandemic, Air for Health Association, Vasil Takev from ABB Bulgaria, Zek Еng. Our team also joined the discussions to support the efforts of the businesses in Sofia to resume normality during the expected continued presence of the virus and to establish a controlled and well-functioning socio-economic environment. 

The document includes rules and recommendations of technological, administrative, social, and medical nature, aimed at eight public and business groups – from kindergartens to workplaces with a specific number of employees. However, the proposed measures are only the first step, and the discussion continues.

You can read the COVID-19 Safety Checklist (in Bulgarian) here.

The English version of the Checklist will also be published on PARA’s website shortly.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to further expand and develop the list, please don’t hesitate to contact the PARA team: