Chatbot on Sofia Municipality’s Website to Answer Citizens’ Questions about COVID-19

29 April, 2020

А chatbot on the site of Sofia Municipality will provide you with important information about the current situation related to COVID-19. 

Skilly the Chatbot answers questions and provides up-to-date information and data from official sources – Bulgarian state and municipal institutions, as well as Bulgarian and international organizations. 

You can communicate with the chatbot by asking it open-ended questions or by choosing from the list of frequently asked questions on various topics such as: 

  • COVID-19 in Sofia Municipality
  • Information about the virus, its spread, and symptoms
  • Anti-epidemic measures in Sofia and Bulgaria
  • Emergency telephone numbers. 
  • Use of e-services and many more.

The system responds instantly, 24/7. It also provides articles, presentations, infographics, and videos related to COVID-19.  

We would like to express our gratitude to the Sofia-based Abilitics for supporting the Municipality free of charge with the integration of the chatbot and for helping us “teach” it information related specifically to the urban environment and the situation in Sofia, so that the system could be of maximum benefit to the citizens of the capital. Abilitics’ Skilly is based on artificial intelligence and allows the chatbot to adequately communicate according to the needs of a specific team, audience, or topic. Skilly is constantly improving its “skills” and allows for continuous update of information.