Innovative Sofia joins as a patron of the startup program Resonator City Connect

5 July, 2021

Innovative Sofia joins as a patron of the startup program Resonator City Connect, organized by Resonator Co-Innovation Hub with the support of local and international partners. The event is inspired by the Digital Transformation Strategy of Sofia.

Resonator City Connect enables startups from around the world to present their sustainable city project and be selected to participate in the program. Projects can present solutions on any of the Key Priority Topics for the city of Sofia or a project initiated for another city for which Sofia can be a pilot market.

Resonator City Connect will be a series of virtual or hybrid events,
dedicated to the intelligent urban development of Sofia. In a strategic partnership with Innovative Sofia, the technology companies Arrow and Microsoft and with
support from the local ecosystem will be a series of events, incl. competition with a pitching element for local startups and startups from Central and Eastern Europe with a focus on promoting the development of Sofia as a digital and innovative hub and using the potential of the local IT and entrepreneurial ecosystem and the city as a test site for creating pilot smart solutions addressing important challenges for Sofia.

This goal is in synergy with the priorities set in the SDTS. Some of the many benefits for those involved in the initiative are:

– Opportunity to use Sofia as a pilot city for their project; access to valuable city data;

– Access to global markets through the support and network of our partners;

– Support in building a prototype with electrical components, printed circuit boards and modules;

– Free virtual consultation on the prototyping process;

– Technologies, engineering, UX, consulting in cloud architecture;

– Nomination for Microsoft’s global start-up program;

– Mentoring by experts in various fields;

– Access to the hub for shared innovations, Resonator, in Sofia and its laboratories, to work on a prototype / demonstration of the product;

– Opportunities for joint development and financing of the project by our partners;

– Free access to software platforms for developers;

The winning startups are expected to receive support for further development of their solutions and access to foreign markets from Arrow and Microsoft.

You can find more about the benefits of the program here. The application form can be taken and filled out here.

You can get acquainted with the priority areas set here.

Deadline for applications of startups from Bulgaria: 15.07.2021, 23:59, CET